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incodaq. offers several web apps and many other cool stuff accessable from one page.
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incodaq. is a brainchild idea from Goran Aviani, a software developer based in Stockholm. The idea behind incodaq. is to be a melting pot of all Goran's projects: from simple ones to full fledged web apps. Goal is to standardize and offer quality services while remaining free, secure and GDPR friendly. incodaq. idea was originaly created because of a rising need to combine several customer services from different appliactions into one unique place.

There are currently two main applications that incodaq. will incomporate into its idea system: Amibit and incodaq. tools
Also all open source code and tehcnological articles made by Goran will be featured here.

Are you in Stockholm and would like to work together on a project or would just like to grab coffee some time? Get in touch!